oh hey mates!
in my previous post i said that the next destination is Tjong A Fie right? so yeah i went there yesterday with Juan. although i have been there but still, i am amazed with the building okay maybe because i do love heritage place with cozy atmosphere. i have posted about Tjong A Fie two years ago, if you guys wanna read it you can directly click on  " KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR CITY. " . in this post, i will talk more specific about this place, start from the interior and stuffs. before that, i just want to say that it is fun to go to such place like this rather than go to mall. maybe because i am not that type of girl, i do prefer places like um mountain, beach, heritage places and etc. so now about this place. everytime i tell my mum that i want to go to Tjong A Fie, she always say " don't go there, do you know that there has so many ghost " i was like gee! as long as "they" don't disturb me or else, i fine with that. *rollingeyes* 
so here are some photos about the place......and some of my photos too haha

 so this is the look of Tjong A Fie from outside. yap, this was owned by one of the rich guy in Medan who named Tjong A Fie and he is chinese. He was actually not from Medan, Indonesia but he travelled far from China to Medan and build this home for his late wife. ( by the way, the enter fee is IDR 35.000/ person )

 and these are some of the interior that really catch my eyes from the way the mix and max of the colors and others.