hey mates! I just had my-three-day-vacation in Berastagi so this is the higher land of North Sumatra and there are several mountains here. since in town, the weather is super hot so this is the right time to go to  Berastagi. we stayed in Sinabung Hill bytheway, you guys can google it up and its highly recommended because it has good service, nice view, many pine trees and large field. it is a must if you come here, you should go to Lake Toba. it is the greatest Lake alright so you can imagine how great the view is! ( I'll let you see how it looks like ). if possible, you can go across by boat and arrive in Samosir Island [ click on this link to see my road trip to Samosir : ROAD TRIP #1 ].
 personally not-that-far tho because its only 1,5 until 2 hours from Medan. oh! dont forget to see  Sipiso- Piso Waterfall and their traditional market where they sell lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. you can also ride the horse as well tho. I think its enough about information where I went while in Berastagi so now its time for uploading photos.

Lake Toba

Sinabung Mountain

view from hotel's lobby

you can see and ride horse in Berastagi traditional market.

bytheway, I change the way I edit photo now. I will post how I edit photo alright!
see you mates.