hello,in this post im going to talk about my onlineshop which i just released last November.before i go through about it,im going to talk a bit about why i start my own onlineshop.
as you know,the older you are the more expenses you'll face .Well,it doesn't mean my money doesn't enough for my daily life but um.. if you can earn more,why not? with my 102% passion,finally my onlineshop stands until now and my business not bad tho,as you can see there are some testimony in instagram [ for more click PLUSIXTY2 ] for those who are curious why plusixty2 ? well,i think i live in Indonesia and the code number is +62 so..yup

we provide a high quality stuff with affordable price and plus FREE SHIPPING ! yes,you read it correctly, FREE SHIPPING without any minimum price.
we are counting days to welcome new year,so PLUSIXTY2 celebrate new year by giving chance for you guys to get new shirt by join our giveaway.
these are what you have to do if you want to join:
1. follow our instagram [ plusixty2 ]
2. post this picture to your instagram and tag/mention three(3) friends
3. put #plusixty2 #plusixty2giveaway so we can easily pick because we will pick it randomly from these hashtags in 31 December 2015.

1. follow instagram kita [ plusixty2 ]
2. post foto ini di instagram kamu dan tag/mention tiga temen kamu
3. jangan lupa pake #plusixty2 #plusixty2giveaway di post kamu agar kita dapat dengan mudah memilih dari hashtag tersebut. pemilihan akan diselenggarain tanggal 31 Desember 2015.

wish you tons of luck hopefully you can get new shirt for new year from PLUSIXTY2.

for more information:
line : plusixty2
bbm : 7D15FB5A
email :


  1. Hope I can get this giveaway ^^

    Best Regards, KARTIKARYANI

  2. Congratulations on your new online shop! So exciting and just in time for the holidays and the new year. :)