well hello folks! here i present to you my post for this March. well lately i received so many good things and obviously i feel BLESSED! first thing first is about my university life. i just received my scores for term I and i quiet satisfy with it because at first place i thought that i will fail lots of subject especially in language because i have to admit, i am so freaking bad in Indonesia language. but i just can't believe my eye when i see i got A in that subject. i meant like WOW! then i got an invitation mail from my school that i have chance to have a high tea time with our executive director. second,so last second of March was my birthday based on china calender (my mum always celebrate my birthday based on china calender) ,alright so my mum and dad prank me and they nailed it for sure! they are just too adorable........ plus my friend with my mum and dad came to my bedroom in 00.00 sharp,hold an avocado cake with candle,sang birthday song while i slept. can you imagine how blessed i am? i just speechless. I LOVE Y'ALL ! and the last thing is yeah it's private thing but i just want to share to you guys because you visit my blog and read it. so i met one guy,he is such a sweetheart for sure and obviously he is funny so yeah for the several times i will say that i feel blessed. i do hope our relationship never end #praying 
alright i think i talk a lot in this post yeah so i give you a bit pictures i hope you enjoy this post okay.

alright maybe you guys almost never see me using this kind of sleeveless shirt,let me tell you the reason why. because i used to be not confident with my body,especially both of my arm . i meant like,those arm are huge! whenever my mum told me to use sleeveless shirt,i always deny it and said " mum,i love you but my arm do look like Mike Tyson's ! it's a big no from me " but since last February when my cousin came to Medan,we talked a lot and she said i have to confident with my body,you know. so... yeah at least i am trying right now though.

shirt : H&M
baseball cap : plusixty2 (instagram)
sling bag : Longchamp
pants : unbranded


  1. Happy late Chinese birthday to you :) !
    love your sporty casual look , just be confident of wearing a sleveless top haha who care of what ppl think ;)

    veronyca sufry

  2. absolutely loooove the look!