oh hey mates! so in this post my outfit is more layering as you know i always love using jacket! Bomber Jacket is so hype nowadays and i just can't help myself for not buying that jacket to be honest but too bad this jacket is not belong to me otherwise this jacket belongs to Juan. i think this jacket is too long for my body,umm i don't know, just thought. 

pure candid by Juan

 this outfit is a bit rebel style, you know,both oversize jacket and ripped jeans are clearly define how to have a rebel style.

what i wear:

DC Bomber Jacket
Cotton on basic croptop
Ripped jeans
white Converse

well talking about my hair, i had a conflict between myself and i because in one side my beau tells me to have long hair like i used to have,which is not bad but lately i prefer short hair though. gee. it is true that you can play with your long hair,i meant you can do whatever style that you want but i think short hair will make you look fresh. i think in the end i will just make it short. okay now it's time to end this post and see ya! stay tuned for my upcoming post because i will show you how much fun am i in swimming pool with Juan.



  1. Oh girl your blog is so on point!!


  2. love the color of your jacket!

  3. You've gotta steal this jacket for yourself because it's the bomb (no pun intended). And I have the same conflict with my hair so I end up going long half the year and then short the other half. Best of both worlds. ;)


  4. You look great!
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