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in my previous post i said that the next destination is Tjong A Fie right? so yeah i went there yesterday with Juan. although i have been there but still, i am amazed with the building okay maybe because i do love heritage place with cozy atmosphere. i have posted about Tjong A Fie two years ago, if you guys wanna read it you can directly click on  " KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR CITY. " . in this post, i will talk more specific about this place, start from the interior and stuffs. before that, i just want to say that it is fun to go to such place like this rather than go to mall. maybe because i am not that type of girl, i do prefer places like um mountain, beach, heritage places and etc. so now about this place. everytime i tell my mum that i want to go to Tjong A Fie, she always say " don't go there, do you know that there has so many ghost " i was like gee! as long as "they" don't disturb me or else, i fine with that. *rollingeyes* 
so here are some photos about the place......and some of my photos too haha

 so this is the look of Tjong A Fie from outside. yap, this was owned by one of the rich guy in Medan who named Tjong A Fie and he is chinese. He was actually not from Medan, Indonesia but he travelled far from China to Medan and build this home for his late wife. ( by the way, the enter fee is IDR 35.000/ person )

 and these are some of the interior that really catch my eyes from the way the mix and max of the colors and others. 
nessa x juan

 these two spots were exactly the same spots as what you saw from my post two-year-ago.

i found these two spots in first floor of Tjong A Fie, and im in love. okay, enough with photos. so basically when you enter this mansion, you will see a living room with photos hanging on the wall, a piano,mirror and stuffs. then you walk through all these stuffs that i just mention and you will see these whole place from my photos above. the light is totally on point for your photos. then you can go upstair too, you will found living room, a big room that exactly like my photo with juan. as you can see the place is quiet dark in there and there has lots of photos about Tjong A Fie's family and other rooms as well.
 and this is the last spot in Tjong A Fie, you will find this place when you out from the mansion.

sweater : H&M
pants : unbranded
sneaker : CONVERSE
bag : GUESS

gear : SONY and iPhone 5SE
edit those photos using VSCO

i have some contents about what i want to post next, so stay tuned!



  1. What a gorgeous building! Definitely would want to visit this place if I ever have the chance to see it.


  2. This looks really cool, your photos are so nice!

  3. This place looks amazing!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  4. those tiles are really pretty!

  5. That mansion looks like such a fun place to explore!

    Rina Samantha

  6. Looks like such a beautiful place to visit, the colours in your photos are mesmerising!

    // xx

  7. that place really photogenic :D
    nice place!

  8. What a cool place!