hey mates, let me blog for the last time in April since my days will be real hectic for weeks so yeah. do I ever tell you guys that I'm hard to remember things? so I need to write things I need to do, what I should take etc in my hands using pen or else I will forget. even though my pal who sits beside me for two-year I still forget her name I meant how bad is that! 
then, I watch Youtube and watch about bulletjournal. I was inspire to make my own bullet journal, since I can draw things in there too so.. to be honest, I can feel the progress from my January journal up until now. it getting better and better. everyday before sleep I open my bujo and fill in whether I eat healthy / exercise / study for that day so in end of the month I can see how my progress, whether it is getting better than last month or getting worse. amazingly, I aint forget things that I need to do and I eat healthier than last month. but my exercise schedule aint give any different. umm

since I was elementary, I always into poem especially the words and meaning itself is on point. I made several poems when I was elementary but in my nation language, so several days ago I borrow poem books from my friend and I inspire to start making poem again but in English version. I made some. would you like to read it?

let's be real
reality hurts

there is a chapter of my life
that I want to skip
because it hurts
a lot

I am mad because I do care
when the time I keep my mouth shut
is the time where I don't give a damn

im in process
to make peace with my own
to stop being overthinking
to start believing in love
to stop blame on myself
for my own happiness

over and over
chance after chance given
but never forget

so these are basically what I wanna share to the reader of this blog, what I recently into and how it inspired me. sounds cliche perhaps but whatever hahah. anyway, I sent my first letter in 20th years and it feels good tho maybe you need to try write a letter and send it to your mate, family or your lover. surprise them!
aight, its a wrap for this post. wish us luck for facing our finals. #pray


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