hello mates, if you are an Indonesian then you already know the topic that i am going to discuss now but if you are not, then this is the news and my point of view that i want to discuss.
13-14 May 2018, many innocent Indonesian people’s live has lost. it was because of the bomb. first spot is in churches located in Surabaya, second was at Sidoarjo and last was at police headquater in Surabaya.
from those spots that bomb exploaded, the most headbreaking for me was in church. church is basically a holy place for christian to praise God, joyful place. how they can easily came and bomb those place like it is just fine to do so? in fact,children dead because of it. peace? where is the peace? this subject has been talked for years but still there is no hundo p peace if i can say. rasist still exist. bomb still happening. 

i am wondering is it hard to bring peace ? is it hard to put a smile in every people faces? is it hard for not being so selfish and think only about their own happiness and forget about others ? okay, i admit im too young to express my thought about this topic and perhaps too naive to think that bring peace is that easy. well, actually from my point of view it is. its only need people to stop being selfish and change their mindset. life is short mates, life is short. 

usually whats happening in this universe i aint talk much about it. not because i dont care, it is just not my forte. but as i saw what happened in my country for couple days, my heart-broken. i had goosebump everytime i watched the news and i think i just need to share for my reader and my point of view. start from you, yourself. start bring peace to others. i believe world can be better place if we care about each other. care in here means like literally care not only a simple word without action going through.

I want to say a massive thank you for you guys who read my blog post, its been almost 4 years. I'll try to keep on the track and stay consistent, I promise. have a great day pals! peace out

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